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Persona 3 is a sad game with a serious look on what it means to be human

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"Go ahead, make my millennium."

Beetlejuice (1988)

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Top Ten Male Characters as Voted by my Followers

#4: Yato - Noragami

Wow, first trip on an airplane tomorrow

I’m excited but nervous, I hope I get all of the gates and preparations right. At least I know when I arrive at my destination, it’ll be worth it. I know for sure, gah…feeling restless but excited.

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Hermoso chico hada

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hand that rocks the mabel deleted scenes

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u know when you play a game where you can romance someone and ur like “im not gonna romance the same one again” when you replay but 3 hours later ur on the fast track to their pants AGAIN

It’s too dangerous here. We’ll take care of the enemy. Please run as far as you can!



Being polite is so rare these days that its often confused with flirting.

t h i s

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